About Us

Mission Statement:

To be a leading company with following expertise,

Ø  Economical solutions provider for process and control instrumentation.

Ø  Play role as business partner for win to win situation via strong system integration capabilities

Ø  Achieve customer confidence by bridging gap via committed after sales support

Ø  Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities based on our 2+ decades of experience

Scope of Work:

We are in the field of industrial automation, instrumentation and control covering the following:

Ø Supply of Industrial instruments like instruments to measure and control pressure, temperature, flow and level.

Ø Supply of Industrial automation and control products like, PLC, DCS, ESD and SCADA systems.

Ø Supply of Electrical equipment’s like panels andaccessories.

Ø Services for installation and commissioning of industrial instrument control and electrical panels with all turnkey.


Ø Training for PLC/DCS/SCADA for Siemens, Allen Bradley and GEIP.


Our Division:

Sales and Marketing Division:

This division consists of 20 employees and is further sub divided into 10 groups responsible for catering for business needs in Industrial sectors as followings:

Ø Oil & Gas

Ø Fertilizers Sector

Ø Cement & Power

Ø Refineries

Ø Food , Beverage & Water treatment Sector

Ø Manufacturing and EPC Sector

Ø Sugar Sector

Ø Steel Sector, Chemicals, Textile & Automation

Ø Oil Terminals

Ø Misc. Client of South Region

Every group is led by a group leader with associated member. Group leader is not only responsible for business within its assigned sector but also is responsible for market some products brands assigned to him. We regularly send our employees abroad for attending seminars, exhibitions and
training held by our principals, thus making them ready for products market, sales and after sales services issues.

Application Division:

This division consists of 16+ employees and is further divided to perform the following activities. All engineers in this division are also trained and educated by our principals abroad and thus perform their activities following standard guidelines by our principals.

Ø  Proposal for Control Systems, ESD, BMS, SCADA, Wireless and integration and any training courses.

Ø  After sales services

Ø  Quality control for all products coming in of or further deliveries. Execution or control system projects mainly with PLC, DCS, SCADA and wireless.

Ø  IoT Based Solutions.

Our Projects:


In recent years, we have provided supplies and executed projects in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Italy and Afghanistan. Our achievements do indicate our experience with EPC companies working abroad and our knowledge for handling export and import
activities in other parts of world as well.